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Basic wage
         Mainly used in the payment of wages in the form of annual salary system, job performance of the system, the system performance skills, performance commission system, commission system project; company for the management and technical sequences were sequences for different pay system to ensure good management of classes and technical classes that employees can and ability to obtain and pay salaries to match.
Performance pay
         The adoption of six months and annual performance appraisal, which pay the annual assessment of the results as a basis for lifting.
End of the year award
         Each year, the company will be based on the company's actual earnings and profits of each employee paid in the corresponding year-end awards.
Statutory benefits
         Company under the law according to law "pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance."
Special benefits company
         According to the company provided housing fund (equivalent to 12% wage growth), heat up, dust up, payments, fee subsidy, noise subsidies, transportation subsidies, food subsidies, housing subsidies, and enjoy the holidays, annual leave, home leave , marriage leave, maternity leave and care leave, nursing leave, family planning leave, sick leave, work injury medical leave, bereavement leave and other leave. Legal holidays which include New Year's Day, Chinese New Year, Ching Ming Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and the International Women's Day;
Honor and Development
         Company to promote employee development, and explore the potential to stimulate staff talents, old and new employees of the company training programs were developed as follows: growth plans (inspirational Training Camp), professional and technical training (Dengfeng program), back-echelon training (Condor ) promotion and management training (elite training camp).
Corporate culture
         Sub-branch companies and subsidiaries singing competitions are held annually, sports, dance competitions, tourism and other activities to enrich people's spare time, company has a basketball court, football field, table tennis room and other entertainment venues.

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